Our Mission

The foundation is focused on raising funds to promote education, providing shelter to orphans and families, feeding the homeless and promoting health in the United States and globally.

Our Dream

Mama Luca was born in St Marc but was raised in the heart of Port Au Prince. She had 15 children which she raised with her husband Luc of over 55 years. Her passion for helping others started at a young age and became her life mission as an adult. When she moved to the United States she encouraged all of her children and grandchildren to help feed the homeless. Despite how little the family had, if someone was hungry she found a way to feed, clothe and encourage them. Her door was always open and her own children were witness to this time and time again, that “no” wasn’t an option when there was a need. Her compassion for the needy was something that she taught others by leading through action and ingrained in anyone who encounter her. It taught them how to share, love from the heart and lead by example. Mama Luca’s legacy lives on through this foundation which was founded by her grandson Jason Derulo and Co-Founded by his mother Joyce. The Just For You Foundation is the product of love passed down through the many generations of Mama Luca’s family.